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About Darcia Helle


Where to start? My oldest son once described me as a "tree-hugging, peace-loving, hippie". I suppose that about sums me up!

I grew up in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, a small town south of Boston. I now live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I don't miss the New England weather, though I do sometimes miss the overall feel of "home".

I am married to a great guy who tolerates all the extra people in my head. I have two grown sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law and the most gorgeous granddaughter ever!

I was a hairstylist for about 15 years. Back in the late 1990's, health complications forced me to give up that career. I have chronic, late-stage Lyme disease, as well as a list of other 'chronic' stuff. It's a constant battle to keep the symptoms under control. On the bright side, it allows me lots of time for characters to roam free in my mind.

I love words. Language intrigues me. Reading and writing are addictions I hope to never live without.

I read everything from the ingredients on a cereal box to a super thick text on medieval history, but there's nothing like escaping into a good novel. I'm partial to suspense and mystery, although I often wander down other fictional paths.

The novels I write all contain aspects of mystery/suspense. I always seem to have several novels in various stages of completion. I call it writer's A.D.D. The characters that float through my mind can be unrelenting and often lead me in too many directions at once. They become like children who lack discipline. And apparently I lack parenting skills.   

My writing is always character-driven. I write because the characters trespassing through my mind leave me no alternative.

Aside from my passion for writing & reading, I am a music addict. I have an eclectic CD collection that includes rock, blues, folk, country, jazz, electronic, and new age. I love exploring new sounds and reminiscing with the old ones.

Then there's my love for animals. From my early youth on, I have always had dogs - and often cats as well. I currently have 3 dogs and 1 cat, all rescues that came to me in varying states of distress. They are my babies. They keep me smiling, make me laugh, and give me comfort. I talk to them all the time. And while they haven't yet learned how to answer me, they always listen. And sometimes that's all we need.



Michael and I started out as pen pals while he was serving in Bosnia  Kuwait during the first Gulf War. After writing for about 4 years, we finally met. 
Shortly afterward, on July 4, 2000, we were married. A bit of sweet serendipity that my 
love of writing brought me to the love of my life.

We think Oliver is an Italian Greyhuahua, which is a cross between an Italian Greyhound and a Chihuahua. He came to us in November of 2010,
through the unlikely route of Puerto Rico. Our government had allowed a shipment of 250 stray dogs to be imported. (Don't even get me started on that issue.)
Upon arriving at the first stop in Florida, officials found more than half were very sick. Many had to be put down, the others had to quarantined for months.
Our vet's office rescued dozens, took them in, treated them, then found them all homes. He is a bundle of energy, smart and incredibly lovable.

We adopted Abbie and her brother Sunny together in November 2002. We found them at our local S.P.C.A. They were about 6 months old and getting
far too big for the 
cage they were forced to live in. They both had respiratory problems that were not being treated and just looked miserable cooped up in
that cage. Abbie is a relatively 
small cat, lovable, quite vocal - and loud! 


We adopted Sammy from a local kill shelter on December 11, 2012. He was approximately 12 weeks old, newly weaned.
We have no idea what breeds he is, though we do know he's adorable, hyper, and super
 smart. He is the only dog I've ever had that required absolutely
no training to 
go outside. As young as he was, from day one he never had an accident in the house. He's our little genius!

This is Isabel. We adopted her on February 15, 2015. She'd been found on a highway in Tampa right after Christmas 2014. Someone adopted her from the animal shelter, apparently changed her mind, and gave/sold her to someone else. That couple had an aggressive Chihuahua that tormented Isabel for a month before they decided to find her a better home. The poor little thing was skinny and nameless when we got her. Needless to say, she is no longer skinny, and she likes having a name. She's around a year old, loves her canine brothers, feline sister, and her humans. She's sweet and spunky, and we fell in love at first sight. 


We lost Kaylee to sudden, acute congestive heart failure on January 7, 2015.
Words fail me.


Sadly, we lost two of our babies in 2012. They are gone from this world, but never forgotten.


Sunny had a chronic herpes virus specific to cats. His last few days with us, he threw up a few times.
This wasn't unusual, since he was also a hunter 
and would travel in the night seeking citrus rats and the occasional bird.
One night in June, he went out and never came back. I know cats will seek out an isolated place to die when it's there time.
We don't know for sure if this is what happened with Sunny. Not knowing is horrible. I just hope he didn't suffer, especially not alone.
We all miss him.


In August, Sid had a sudden weight loss of two pounds, which is a lot for a small dog.
He otherwise seemed fine, but we immediately took him to the vet. Various tests were done, and about two weeks later he was diagnosed
with a rare liver disease called Hepatocutaneous Syndrome. By that time, he was already showing signs of weakening.
The disease is incurable, and there is no treatment.
We lost Sid on October 27. I miss him more than words can say.