Guest Posts Wanted

I’m looking for guest posts on the topic of discrimination, to be featured on Mondays with the #MondayBlogs Twitter hashtag.


  1. Discrimination can be about race, gender, weight, appearance, etc. Your piece can discuss one aspect specifically or the topic in general.
  2. All posts must be on the side of tolerance and acceptance of diversity. No pro-racism or pro “build a wall” posts.
  3. I’m flexible on word count, though under 2000 words works best.
  4. I prefer Word files or RTF files, but PDFs are also acceptable. Please do not paste into the body of an email.


  1. Send finished piece to me at:
  2. Attach any photos/images you have to go along with the piece.
  3. Attach an author photo (optional).
  4. Include short bio, under 100 words, along with social media links you’d like posted with the piece.

All posts are shared throughout my social media, which includes:

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