Killer January Giveaway! 50 Copies of NO JUSTICE For Kindle

A new year has begun! My wish for 2015 is that my characters will take over the world. We have to set big goals for ourselves, right? :) To help launch my plan for world domination, I want to give away 50 Kindle copies of my novel No Justice, the first in my Michael Sykora Series. Here’s a look:

No Justice For Michael Sykora, killing started as blind rage. Then it became something he’s good at. To most of those who know him, Michael is a software designer, a smart but average guy with a workaholic nature. To a chosen few, Michael is a part-time hit man whose specialty is eliminating hard-core criminals.

Michael has managed to keep his two personas separate. Until now. When Nicki, a close friend, gets into trouble, Michael steps in to help. Having lost his fiance to a brutal crime, Michael will do whatever necessary to keep from losing another woman in his life.


One winner will receive signed, print copies of all 3 books in the series! You can find details on all the books, excerpts, audio samples, and more on my website’s Michael Sykora Novels page.


Want to win? Entering is simple! Here’s the form:

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* This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. My apologies to everyone else, but I can only gift Kindle books via the Amazon U.S. site. *

Thanks for reading. :)

#MondayBlogs: MIND’S EYE SERIES Madness! Pre-Launch Party, Prizes, and More

Do you trust what you see?


Reflections Cover - mdperspectives

I have exciting news to share about the Mind’s Eye Series! For those of you unfamiliar with this series, it is a collaboration between authors and photographers, in which all stories are inspired by photographs. This has been a fun project to work on, and I’m honored to be included among such awesome talent!

Now, on to the news. First, Reflections is now available to pre-order on Amazon! The book will be officially released on November 1st. Before then, you can pre-order the Kindle edition on Amazon for just 99 cents! On November 1st, the price goes up to $2.99. The pre-release discounted price is our gift to our most loyal readers. :)

To celebrate, the authors and photographers are hosting a Facebook Pre-Launch party! We’ll be sharing snippets from our stories. And, most important, we’ll be offering fun giveaways throughout the day and early evening! You are all invited. The more the merrier! The event is this Wednesday, October 15. For details and/or to join us, click here:

But that’s not all! I have one final piece of news to share. Perspectives, the first book in the Mind’s Eye Series, is now available for Amazon Prime members to borrow free! I must be honest and admit this decision was a difficult one for me. None of my books, up until this point, have been enrolled in Amazon Prime. This is not because I don’t want Prime members to have access to my books. On the contrary! I would love for all of my titles to be available for Prime members to borrow. BUT, and this is the stumbling point for me, in order to do so, I must sign an exclusive contract with Amazon. This is true of any and all authors who enroll their books in Kindle Select, giving access to Prime members to borrow and/or to those who use the new service Amazon provides where you pay one monthly fee to read as many books as you want. That exclusive contract means I cannot sell my books on Barnes and Noble for Nook, or on any other ebook venue. Trying to please all readers is a difficult balancing act. But we’re giving it a shot with our Mind’s Eye Series, and we’re happy to announce Perspectives is now available for Prime and Kindle Unlimited!

Now for a little more information on the books and, of course, the Amazon links!

12 Moments Captured
12 Stories Told

Do you trust what you see?
A rock only becomes a mountain when you broaden your view.

We challenge you to look at the world from different…

Amazon / Amazon CA / Amazon UK


Reflections Cover - md
Do you trust what you see?

Right becomes left.
Up becomes down.
Distorted, unreal.

Your world looks new when you see its…

Amazon / Amazon CA / Amazon UK


As you might have noticed from the book covers, our roster has grown. This series began with an idea… a possibility. Martin David Porter was the photographer and Maria Savva and I wrote all the stories. For Reflections, we have 4 authors, 2 poets, and 2 photographers! And we’re already at work on the third book, which will include even more authors!

I hope you’ll consider preo-ordering a copy of Reflections. And please join our Facebook party! We’re excited to hang out with you all!

Thanks for reading. :)