Book Review: A Haunting In Lottawatah by Evelyn David


A Haunting in Lottawatah is the fifth book in the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries ebook series. A novella length story, A Haunting in Lottawatah continues the spooky, yet funny saga of psychic Brianna Sullivan who planned to travel the country in her motor home looking for adventure, but unexpectedly ended up in a small town in Oklahoma. In A Haunting in Lottawatah, Brianna is hired to exorcise ghosts from a mansion. But these spirits defy all the rules; a murder confuses the plan; Leon the bulldog continues to run interference as long as he has his beef jerky, and Deputy Cooper Jackson has competition for Brianna’s affections. A Haunting in Lottawatah is a “must read” for mystery lovers and aspiring ghost hunters!

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My name is Brianna Sullivan and I’m a psychic. I must not be a very good one because I never saw it, any of it, coming.

My Review:

A Haunting in Lottawatah is a humorous mystery about a psychic who is bumbling her way into life as a ghost hunter. Brianna is an independent, sassy, fun character to follow along. The story is written in first person, so we get a great feel for her personality.

Here’s what I can do. I see dead people and can even talk to them. Not that they’re great conversationalists, but many are better than a lot of the blind dates I’ve been on.

This is the fifth book in the series, but the first I’ve read. While I had no problem following the story, I did have a lack of connection with some aspects. For instance, her relationship with her cop boyfriend felt odd and distant to me. That is likely a result of me not having read the earlier books, though there wasn’t much effort here to develop or explain the situation.

The plot is entertaining, with some good twists. While it has some spooky parts, most of it is done in a comical way rather than creepy or scary. Overall, this is a light read ideal when you need a break and a giggle.

Perhaps I didn’t know as much about ghosts as I’d assumed. After this case my list of ghost rules was going to have to be modified.


Thanks for reading. 🙂