Book Review: UNDERNEATH by Heather Marie Adkins


An ancient city, entombed beneath a museum that seeks to understand the brutal race that once inhabited the underground world.

A young woman with special empathic powers offered a job to create an exhibit of the city’s artifacts.

Underneath, they wait for her.

Underneath is a ten-thousand word novelette, approximately fifty pages.

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My Review:

This story has quite a bit of depth for a short piece. The plot plays out at a good pace, and the content offers us a convincing look at otherworldly possibilities.

A perfect circle of darkness opened like an ink spill beneath the shovel as he pushed it in the earth, and then he was gone.

Rebecca’s character is well developed. I enjoyed the interplay between Rebecca and her daughter. Their abilities are handled in a way that is both believable and intriguing.

I froze as his body became transparent, like a movie fading to black; and he wound his form around me so that I retched under the unnatural stink of him.

My only complaint is that the ending feels rushed. We are told about the aftermath, rather than being allowed to experience it along with the characters. Aside from that small issue, this is a highly entertaining story. I’m looking forward to reading more by this author.


Thanks for reading. 🙂