Featured New Release: CHASING SHADOWS by Bernadette Marie

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Date Published: June 13, 2017
Publisher: 5 Prince Publishing


Someone has decided to become the moral compass for the women in town, and now they’re turning up dead. It will be up to Detective Lacy Pratt to find their killer before her relationship with Declan Matthews, brother to one of the victims, marks her as a target.

About the Book Interview with Bernadette Marie

What was the inspiration behind this story?

My dear friend and I have a path we walk 5 miles on most days when the kids are in school. There is a pedestrian bridge that goes over the creek, and beyond that is a wooded area where there is a fallen tree. The seasons were amazing in this area. I found myself taking pictures every day that we walked. And that tree was the inspiration for the story.

Tell us about your main character.

Lacy is that misguided/bad girl gone good, if you will. She is now a detective and dang good at her job. Just ask her. She’s physically tough, and emotionally blocked from her own mother’s death. Declan, lawyer, is a fashion statement. He’s the perfect son, who could call more, but he’s that decent guy you want on your side.

What is your favorite personality trait of your main character?

I love Lacy’s tough exterior. I also love that she does drive-thru all the time. She’s not afraid of any pizza, french fry, or chocolate glazed donut.

Your character is at a bookstore. Which section is he/she shopping in? What book is in his/her hand right now?

Lacy would be shopping in a Self-Help section. I thinks she’d be that kind of person if she bothered to sit down and read.

I’m inviting your main character to dinner. What should I make?

Nothing. If Lacy is coming to dinner, order pizza and have a six pack of Coke on hand. She loves her junk food!

How long did it take you to write this book?

It only took me about a month and a half.

Tell us about your cover art and how it pertains to your story.

My cover artist Viola Estrella is a genius. The characters on the cover portray the characters in my head perfectly! The wooded area also depicts the killers favorite place to leave his victims.

About the Author

Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in 2011. Since then she has authored and published over thirty books. The married mother of five sons promises romances with a Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it because she lives it.

Bernadette is also the CEO of 5 Prince Publishing and Illumination Author Events and Services.



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