Killer January Giveaway! 50 Copies of NO JUSTICE For Kindle

A new year has begun! My wish for 2015 is that my characters will take over the world. We have to set big goals for ourselves, right? 🙂 To help launch my plan for world domination, I want to give away 50 Kindle copies of my novel No Justice, the first in my Michael Sykora Series. Here’s a look:

No Justice For Michael Sykora, killing started as blind rage. Then it became something he’s good at. To most of those who know him, Michael is a software designer, a smart but average guy with a workaholic nature. To a chosen few, Michael is a part-time hit man whose specialty is eliminating hard-core criminals.

Michael has managed to keep his two personas separate. Until now. When Nicki, a close friend, gets into trouble, Michael steps in to help. Having lost his fiance to a brutal crime, Michael will do whatever necessary to keep from losing another woman in his life.


One winner will receive signed, print copies of all 3 books in the series! You can find details on all the books, excerpts, audio samples, and more on my website’s Michael Sykora Novels page.


Want to win? Entering is simple! Here’s the form:

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* This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. My apologies to everyone else, but I can only gift Kindle books via the Amazon U.S. site. *

Thanks for reading. 🙂

  • Kim Stapf

    I need all the signed books!! Yes I’m greedy for Michael Sykora’s on my book shelf

  • Helle Gade

    Great blogs post, Darcia! You’re very generous

  • Mary McCoy

    Thanks for the chance! It’s great reading weather here at -24 F wind chill!

    • Yikes, Mary! I had a shiver run up my spine just reading that. Definitely the perfect weather for cuddling up under a blanket with a book. I mean, what else can you do when it’s that cold, besides hibernate? I hope it warms up soon!