Knives and Romance – Character Interview – Maria Milan from Michael Sykora Novels

Last week, I posted an interview with Sean Riley, one of the lead characters in my Michael Sykora Novels. Today my guest is Maria Milan, Sean’s girlfriend and partner in the Lost and Found business. These interviews are a four-part series with the lead characters, as we prepare for the release of Child’s Play, their next pursuit into the dark criminal world.

Here is Maria Milan – bodyguard, bounty hunter, and all around rebel badass.

A weekend camping in the woods or in a luxury hotel with a spa?

Definitely a weekend camping. There’s nothing like being in the middle of nowhere, totally encapsulated by wild nature. Kick back and listen to the music of a babbling brook. Wake up to the birds singing their morning songs. Not that I’d want to live off the grid permanently, but there’s a kind of magical healing power in nature.

If your personality was a color, what would it be?

Cerulean blue. I don’t know why. Maybe just because I like the name.

What is your favorite TV show?

I really love Lucifer. For one thing, the guy is sexy to a fault. Seriously, have you seen him?

Sean’s scowling at me. 😘

If you haven’t seen the show, jump on Netflix and do a marathon. Lucifer is a badass demon, who is crazy fun to hang out with providing you don’t piss him off. Come to think of it, Lucifer and Sean have a lot in common. Probably why it’s my favorite show.

Would you rather listen to rock or country music?

I’m a rocker girl. Lots of edgy alternative on my playlist, with a little punk now and then. Thanks to my father, I also love jazz. Sean has a killer vinyl collection. The old stuff, like Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk.

More recently, Sean has gotten me into old blues. Stuff like Muddy Waters and Blind Willie Johnson.

I grew up on classic rock, jamming in the living room with my parents to bands such as Led Zeppelin, Cream, and The Doors. All the greats. Left to my own devices, though, my first inclination would be to pop on Chili Peppers or Radiohead.

Are you spontaneous or are you a planner?

It depends on the situation, though I’m more spontaneous by nature. Too much planning makes life dull.

Do you play video games?

Not since Zelda back in the early ’90s. Games today are way too complicated, like gaming has become more a lifestyle than a hobby.

What is your favorite rainy day activity?

Crank up the tunes, pile snacks on a tray, grab a bottle of wine, and play silly board games with Sean. We’re currently hooked on Battleship. I know, we’re a strange couple.

What is your favorite material possession?

My Blackhawk! CQD Mark 1 knife. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware. Sean gave it to me on our six-month anniversary. I love it! I am so not a flashy jewelry kinda girl. But this Blackhawk is kickass! Not just a weapon, either. The thing is a carbide glass breaker, in case I ever find myself driving off the edge of a road and straight into a lake. That kind of thing happens more often than you’d think here in Florida. Then the power in the car doesn’t work and you can’t get the damn windows down. So it’s practical and it looks cool. Plus, of course, it’s deadly, just in case…

Some people believe we can tell a lot about a person by the books on their shelves. Share 3 titles from your bookshelf and tell us what you think they say about you.

The Day Alternative Music Died: Dylan, Zeppelin, Punk, Alt, Glam, Majors, Indies, and the Struggle between Art and Money for the Soul of Rock by Adam Caress

Dangerous Women by George Martin

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

What I think those titles say about me… I don’t like happy endings?

Wow, I need to buy some happily-ever-after romance novels. I think Nicki has a few. I’m heading over to her place now to borrow one.

If you’d like to spend more time with Maria and the rest of the motley crew, you can pre-order Child’s Play for just 99 cents for your Kindle. The price goes up to $3.99 upon release. This is the fourth book in the series, but can be read as a stand-alone. No Justice, book 1, is always free for Kindle and Nook.

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