#MondayBlogs: Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Guest Post by Joe Schwartz


In a sense, I feel very sorry for the middle class today. For the first time in quite a long time, they actually think they have the right to be indignant. Trump has forced their hand, exposing them for the sleeping giant they are in the form of protests and remarkably eloquent Facebook diatribes. However, I am not buying it.

I appreciate the fact that people are suddenly wide-awake when it comes to refugees. Personally, I recall the Bosnian influx and the Cubans risking life and death on rafts seeking asylum. There were no shortage then, as there are now, of strong opinions as to letting them in or keeping them out. In the end, the refugees came and their children grew up in America; joining our military, the local police and fire departments, becoming successful business owners and eventually marginalizing their immigration history until it was merely a reminder of where they have come from but not who they have become.

Now in comes a President, who was no less bullying and vile a candidate when campaigning, hell bent on keeping his promises to spurn the world at large and, remarkably, now everyone is upset?! The fight for a living wage verses a minimum wage was important, too, but seeing as those people do not own 2.3 cars or have a 3 bed/2 bath home in the burbs, their protests were ignored. The internet mafia’s march on Wall Street declaring their outrage with the 1%, which eventually became a fizzled out charge at a windmill was impressive, but largely without focus. However, I’m personally enjoying this redirection of middle-Americans smug and self-righteous’ outrage at being wished a mere ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of a full blown ‘Merry Christmas’ for standing in airports protesting immigration policies. Granted, such things are impressive, but unless these so-called protestors actually turn up the heat by also refusing not to use those airplanes at any cost, as was the case in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, I’m afraid all that will become of this response to having elected an inconsiderate elitist won’t amount to much more than cool stories Millenials will tell at parties and Gen X’rs will tell their grandkids.

The crazy thing is we all saw it coming.

We’ve regrettably allowed the media to turn social media i.e., Tweets, into the news. Hey, here’s a crazy idea – refuse to use Twitter until they pull DJT’s account. Starvation is the only thing any major corporation in America seems to understand, the only real bargaining power non-billionaires appear to ACTUALLY have and can exercise with any real influence. Cut out the ability to make money and watch how fast things change in Washington, DC. If women want to show how united they really are, how about a National Sick Out where every woman from secretaries to doctors to CEOs called in sick work to make a point and demand change – laws would be enacted seemingly overnight for equal pay and health care (not benefits) rights! And while we’re at it, a National Day of Community Service would be awesome, too. But, please do keep those crazy pink hats, they’re cool af!

I am not a political guy but I’m kind of happy that the worst choice in a century for President has actually been elected to office. Although it will be a chaotic four years that will call every American’s vigilance and competence into question as to offset the heinous, intolerable rants of a wannabe dictator, it is times like these that demand and receive the best of us as a nation. Just as poverty makes the policy makers uncomfortable, it is good that we the beneficiaries of incalculable human rights get irritated as Hell every once in a while. Change, as uncomfortable as it might be, is a very good thing. Just as the autoworkers once had to lock out GM to get the attention they needed to change working conditions that effect every single one of us to this day, we as a people need to unite again and scrutinize whom we support by how we spend our money. The power is literally in our pockets, but it will take an unprecedented show of solidarity by a majority of the people that will cost rich and poor alike possibly hundreds of millions of dollars before someone like a Trump will surrender as much power as he has acquired.

But then again, why would he?


Joe Schwartz is a fiction writer hailing from the underrated City of St. Louis. A life long resident, it is Joe’s firm belief that it’s not the evil that men do he finds most fascinating, but the almost predictable outcomes which follow, and yet, the bad things good men will suffer never seem to go out of style. You can easily find Joe’s work on Amazon. Connect on Twitter with @JoesBlackTShirt, and on the omnipresent Facebook under the nom de plume Atlas Langworthy.