#MondayBlogs: There Are Three Sides To Every Story – TRIPTYCHS – Cover Reveal!

The third book in the Mind’s Eye Series is here! Well, almost. It’s finished and heading into publishing. This collection of stories and poems includes twelve authors and two photographers. As with the two previous books, all stories and poems are inspired by photos. Unlike the first two, this collection has a twist. Each photo was given to three authors. We were not provided with any information on the photo, not even as much as a location. All of us interpreted the photo our own way. So you’ll see the photo, then read the three stories/poems that follow. Each is a unique viewpoint on the same image.

Our resident graphic artist, the super talented Jason McIntyre, has designed a killer cover. Here it is, the grand unveiling of Triptychs:

Front Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back Cover


I’ve written two stories for this collection. One is titled Fairies Wear Boots. When I looked at the photo, I initially thought about writing something magical, maybe a sort of fantasy. But my mind simply doesn’t work that way. I was looking at the photo, thinking about fairies, and suddenly my brain began to stream Ozzy singing Fairies Wear Boots. Do you know the song by Black Sabbath? It has nothing to do with little magical fairies. Of course it doesn’t. My mind wouldn’t have it any other way. So I listened to the song and pulled that dangling thread. I wound up with a story that is anything but sweet and magical. (No surprise to those familiar with my writing.)

If you’re interested in hearing the song that hijacked the story, here it is on YouTube:


My second story was far more of a challenge. The photo inspired a kind of mystical feel for me. I had an idea, wrote a paragraph, and that went nowhere. Had another idea, wrote two paragraphs, but that one too went nowhere. I couldn’t find a character willing to take that mystical journey. Finally, I started a third story. The main character had a strong voice and I followed. But… I was lost. Where was this character taking me? I was midway through writing this one and still felt clueless. I told my husband I was writing a pointless story. In the end, it all made sense. The character was smarter than me and knew where she was going all along. The title, though, stuck. My second story is titled Pointless Story.

I’m excited to share these stories – mine and everyone else’s – with all of you. I was fascinated by how differently each author saw the same photo. I hope you will be, as well!

Our release date is March 16th. You can now pre-order the Kindle book for a discounted price of only 99 cents for the month leading up to the release! Once the book is released, the price will go up to $3.99. So grab a copy of Triptychs now!


Thanks for reading. 🙂

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