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He is an empath.
But that isn’t the ability that makes him so dangerous…


Eli’s dark legacy holds murder as his rite of passage. They say his ability is a gift. He calls it a curse. A life of violence and heartache leaves him with nothing left to fight for.

Or so he thinks.

Amanda steals his heart, but love makes him vulnerable. He must give her up or accept who he is and fight.

Will he risk stepping into the darkness that could consume him?

99 cent sale through Friday, October 9th!

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When Eli and Luc arrived, three of their fellow members were already seated at the conference table, which was, as always, headed by Tristan. Eli walked past them, to the back of the room, where he sat on one of the armchairs. Tristan watched him. Though the council leader said nothing, Eli felt the relief. That was only one of many emotions flooding him. He felt them all, emotions not belonging to him but his just the same. When he was a child, he often didn’t know the difference between his feelings and someone else’s. He hadn’t understood the panoply of emotions swirling in a vortex around him. At times, he felt as if the frenzied energy would break him apart.

Now, for the most part, he was able to separate himself from the emotional energy fields of the people around him. He only ran into trouble in two situations: He struggled with control when his energy was wrapped with someone else’s, or, in layman’s terms, when he loved someone. And he was often overwhelmed when surrounded by other Yati. The word translated to sorcerer, and referred to Timucuan descendants like himself. Their energy was far more powerful than the average person’s, and he had a difficult time deflecting it.

One touch could end it all.


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