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This is a page of random nonsense. You'll find various short articles, essays, and a unicorn or two. Okay, maybe not the unicorns, though the possibility remains!
I've tried to make it easier for you to find what interests you by dividing the content into categories. As with most things in my life, not everything here fits nicely
into a single category. So, along with each title, I've given a short description to help you figure out if you want to bother reading. Click on the title/link and you'll
be taken to the page of interest. 

Short Stories:

Snapshot In Time: A short story inspired by a photograph.

Dear Jack: A short story in the form of a letter, written from Jill to Jack

My Murderous Muse: Story about finding my muse

My Writing World:

Meet Michael Sykora: Michael Sykora, from my series of Michael Sykora Novels, introduces himself.

Meet Sean Riley: Sean Riley, from my Michael Sykora Novels, introduces himself.

Realistic Suspense: My thoughts on labeling fiction.

A Writer's Fractured Mind: The many voices in my head.

Walking Naked Across A Football Field: My thoughts on reviews.

Reflections Of A Writer's Life: Thoughts on the solitary life of an author.

A Path of Vengeance: A bit about Michael Sykora's entrance into the world as a hired killer.

My Novel Inspiration: My answer to the often asked question of how and/or why I got started writing.

Why I'm Indie - And Proud Of It: My reasons for being independently published.

Learning From Fiction: My answer to the question, "What would you like readers to take away from your books?"

Maintaining Sanity: I was asked "What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer? The question cracked me up. This is my reply.

The Stories Behind The Novels: On this page, I share the inspiration behind my novels - No Justice and Beyond Salvation and Into The Light.

Short Stories Unveiled: The inspiration behind Quiet Fury: An Anthology of Suspense, and some of the stories within.

Violence In Fiction: Sharing my thoughts on the need for - and the limits of - violence in fiction.

My Biggest Supporter: I was asked 'Who was your biggest supporter while writing your book?', and this is my reply.

Pieces of Me: I give away a few secrets about bits of me hiding in my fiction.

Murder As Entertainment: My ruminations on why I write suspense.

Writing Is Like: My thoughts on what writing is like for me.

Lyrical Inspiration: Songs and lyrics that remind me of one of my novels and certain characters within them.

Why I Write Suspense: In April 2011, aobibliophile named me Mistress of Suspense. I love that title! As part of that honor, I was asked to be a guest on
his blog and talk about why I write suspense. This is what I shared that day.

Does Size Matter?: Thoughts on our preferences for particular book lengths and the word count restrictions placed on authors.


General Interest:

One Hit Wonders: Performance Anxiety?: A look at authors who had huge fame with only wrote one book

Secrets and Obsessions: An overview of the science and psychology behind keeping secrets.

Secrets and Health: An overview of how keeping secrets effects our physical and psychological health.

Slang Over The Decades: A look at each generation's favorite slang words and phrases.

Don't Call Me That!: A fun look at the history of nicknames. You might find yours here.

The Power of Words: A blog post I did on the things we say and write and why they matter more than we sometimes think.

Books In Flames: A brief history of book burning as a method of banning books and controlling what people read.

Modern Day Executioners: A look at the people who carry out the death penalty.

Burned Alive: An overview of the practice of burning people alive as a form of capital punishment. 

Female Sex Offenders: An overview of female sex offenders and their treatment within our justice system.

The History of Lie Detection: A look back at the creation and evolution of our lie detector machine. 

Beheading and The Guillotine: The history of beheading as capital punishment and the invention of the guillotine. 

Human Trafficking: Lives Bought and Sold: A brief examination of the facts behind human trafficking. 

Crucifixion: A History: Article on crucifixion as a form of capital punishment, from early times through modern times.

Death By A Thousand Cuts: A brief look at the gruesome practice of cutting as a form of capital punishment.

The History of Alcatraz: A glimpse at the history of one of the most famous U.S. prisons. 

Mental Illness In The Prison System: Thoughts and facts about our current practice of locking away the mentally ill in prisons. 

On A Personal Note:

Spirits and Butterflies: A true story of an experience I had with a family member's approaching death.

Fleeting Thoughts: I have late-stage, chronic Lyme disease and it wreaks havoc with my memory, among other things. I wrote this one day as a way
to deal with my frustration with continually losing my train of thought.

Photographs and Memories: My experiences with memory loss due to advanced Lyme disease.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome: My experience with this odd syndrome.